Deborah Biggs Music Tuition

What Can You Learn?

I teach Piano, Clarinet, Saxophone (soprano/alto/tenor) and Trumpet/Cornet to Grade 8 level. I also offer beginner/intermediate lessons - up to Grade 6 - on flute. Please contact me for details.


You will need to have your own instrument prior to starting lessons but don't panic, this need not be either too scary or too expensive! Most instruments can be rented from music stores such as Millers Music Centre or Wood, Wind & Reed in Cambridge, some of whom offer short (usually 3-month) trial periods after which the instrument can simply be returned if unsuitable. Instruments can also be picked up second hand - although I would advise a little caution and some expert advice before you buy anything...that "too good to be true" bargain on eBay usually IS too good to be true...

Obviously if you wish to learn the piano/keyboard you will need to have one available (and in tune!) at your home before I can teach you.

If you haven't quite decided which instrument you would like to learn don't worry - just let me know which instrument(s) you're interested in and I'll bring one of each along to your preliminary meeting for you to have a try. I am more than happy to advise on instrument purchase for any of my students and/or their families.

My lessons always include scale work - the foundation for any successful musician - and piece work, whether that means a short four-bar tune for beginners or a movement from Mozart's Clarinet Concerto for those up at the top of the grade ladder. We will also learn how to sight-read short pieces of music and work on exercises to improve your technique on your chosen instrument. The technical work (scales, exercises, study pieces etc) are fundamental to your learning and will never be allowed to slip through the net (!) so please do put the work in from the beginning, it will make for much easier and more relaxed lessons. You will also have the opportunity at every lesson to work on a piece we've previously looked at (which, hopefully, you will have rehearsed!) in order to make improvements and, if necessary, prepare it for performance.

If you wish to work for an ABRSM exam your lessons will include additional aural and sight reading tuition alongside your regular scale work and pieces. For those playing for pleasure, please do just ask me if you would like to include these additional elements in your lessons.

You need to be aware that students wishing to progress beyond Grade 5 will need to pass Grade 5 music theory before a Grade 6 practical exam can be attempted.

Music theory lessons are also available on request. However, please note that music theory does NOT form any part of my regular instrumental lessons other than the theory learned through normal practical lessons. Group theory classes are available through Huntingdonshire Music School; these classes are recommended if you prefer to learn in a group/classroom environment. Should you require individual music theory lessons please contact me to request further information.

Notes can be made throughout each practical lesson if required, giving you a reminder of what we've done each week and what I have asked you to practise for our next meeting. It is helpful if a notebook can be provided for this purpose.

Above all I want your lessons to be enjoyable and for you to learn a little something new at each one. If there is anything particular you want to learn or practise during a lesson please do tell me - lesson plans can always be adjusted to cover additional or different topics if necessary. For example, you may have a concert coming up and wish to rehearse one or more pieces of music prior to the performance. This can always be accommodated within your lessons without detriment to your learning.



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