Deborah Biggs Music Tuition

Deborah Biggs Music Tuition (DBMT) is a private teaching business offering expert instrumental tuition throughout Cambridgeshire. I started teaching at university back in 1997 and, since then, I have progressed to teach a variety of instruments to all age ranges.

I hold a degree in music and until March 2019 I was principal percussionist for the RAF Wyton Area Voluntary Band as well as lead saxophonist for 'Rhythm In Blue', the RAF Wyton Big Band.  I've now handed these roles over and am enjoying the break from banding after 16 years in uniform to focus more on my teaching.

I play and teach clarinet, saxophone, trumpet, flute, piano and percussion (including drum kit) and I enjoy doing occasional session work with various bands and orchestras on a freelance basis around Cambridgeshire and the South East.


I have played percussion, woodwind and brass in many shows over the past few years - some favourites being the pantomimes 'Mother Goose' and 'Cinderella' with the Centre Players as well as 'The Boyfriend' at Burgess Hall followed just weeks later by Bernstein's 'West Side Story' at Hinchingbrooke Performing Arts Centre in Huntingdon.

In May 2011, I undertook my first role as Musical Director for the musical 'Godspell', performed by the St Ives Centre Players from 18-21 May, once again at the Burgess Hall. We had great reviews with particular praise being given to the band/MD by the NODA representative. This was followed with my second stint as MD for the Centre Players' - this time for the January 2013 pantomime ('Peter Pan', directed by Michael Burke) which has, once again, received an incredible NODA review. This was my 9th pantomime with the Centre Players, but my first as


As a pianist, my most memorable engagements have included a prestigious booking in Italy, playing at a NATO Christmas Function for British Forces serving in Milan  - a gig I certainly won't forget in a hurry and I can only hope is repeated! Closer to home, I have played at an anniversary dinner for the Royal Society of St George in Huntingdon as well as many weddings and events at various venues across the county. I have entertained diners in venues ranging from the foyer/entrance of Pizza Express in Cambridge to the ballrooms of country hotels, and have been lucky enough to be invited to play as at multiple private parties. Other notable bookings as a pianist have seen me playing at a number of RAF Wyton Sergeant's Mess/Officer's Mess Summer Balls, dinners and functions, including their Christmas Balls and the annual 'Pathfinder Sunday' luncheons (playing at over 15 of those!). I have played for the Raptor Foundation's Valentine's and Christmas 'Twilight Flying' evenings, providing musical accompaniment while the visitors enjoyed their post-entertainment dinner and hope soon to be found playing at a couple of local bars/cafes.

I am already booked to play at various functions throughout 2021/2022 - if you're looking for a pianist at your function please do consider giving me a call!

Playing out as regularly as I do ensures that my technique is constantly being improved - even teachers have to practise! - thus ensuring that I maintain a high level of musicianship and ability. In February 2017 I performed with  the RAF Wyton Area Voluntary Band at a massed RAF band concert with the College Band of the RAF in Peterborough Cathedral. This was the second time that Wyton Band played alongside one of the professional RAF bands (the first was with the Central Band of the RAF in February 2015, which marked the first time in history that the professional RAF band has played alongside one of the Voluntary Bands, and which saw me play as one of the featured soloists). At the 2017 concert I was honoured to be asked to play onstage with the professional band as a dep player, in effect joining them for a number of pieces.

I was lucky enough to make multiple recordings with the RAF Wyton Band, performing as one of the featured soloists on some CDs. For the latest CD in October 2017  I managed to control two sticks well enough to record the William Tell Overture as a xylophone solo...which was nothing if not entertaining....!

I have been the soloist for Mozart's famous Clarinet Concerto on stage multiple times and this remains my favourite piece to perform. Fancy learning to play it so that you can take centre-stage? Give me a call!

I organise and run charity concerts each year (originally in December but now every Spring), inviting any of my pupils who wish to perform to take a turn playing to the audience - our 2018 concert raised a staggering £1258 for Macmillan Cancer Support! Sadly this is one of the elements of my work that has been hit hard by COVID, with no concerts since March 2019 but I'm hopeful that 2022 will see our annual concert return. Watch this space for more details!

I have spent time writing and arranging music as well as teaching over the past 15 years and am constantly seen (well, heard!) making a noise with something!

Music is, quite honestly, my life and I can think of no better career than helping others to learn and understand how music can enhance their lives too. I look forward to hearing from you - let's take those first few steps into the world of music and see how things go. 




Calling all current pupils...recommend DBMT to a friend and, if they end up booking a course of lessons, you can claim ONE FREE 30 MINUTE LESSON for yourself or your child!! Now surely that's an offer you can't refuse?!